My Spiroolie came yesterday!!!

I was out of town whe Joy called to tell me my latest toy arrived!  My Spiroolie…now made by a different company and called a Turning slicer.  Can’t wait to try it tonight for dinner.  Keeping it simple, me thinks it will be zucchini noodles with a grain of some type.  I tried a web search to find a few recipes.  Surprise…none came up but a shrimp recipe? Sadly, the last food I will eat is shrimp after the BP oil spill in our Gulf of Mexico.

Sooo…I am looking for any suggestions on how to spice up the veggies.  Do I steam them or fry them up in coconut oil?  A bit of help would be great. I would like to do something different than put spaghetti sauce on them….

Thanks in advance…

Life is incredibly busy and complicated right now.  Not in a bad way.  So many open doors to look in and work with;  Plans to be made, decisions to be made, staying grounded through meditation and prayer, appreciating the wonders and gifts that being alive has to offer (at least being able to appreciate what I have and not focus on what I do not have….geez…who’d a thought that could bring so much contentment…).

Best to you all today…


4 thoughts on “My Spiroolie came yesterday!!!

  1. I have a different style of spiral slicer (Joyce Chen). While it creates zucchini “pasta” that is a bit too thin (think angel hair, LOL), it has been good tossed raw with a marinara sauce. I’ve done both a cooked marinara and a raw but gently warmed marinara sauce. The zucchini was also good tossed with a Szechuan peanut sauce.

    Have fun and post a picture when you try it out!

    • Thanks Chile,
      Last night I cooked with a sesame ginger sauce. First I sauteed peppers, onions, tofu, mushrooms. Them added the sauce and put it all over a nice bright pile of “spiroolied” summer yellow and green squash. I will thicken the sauce at bit more next time. A bit too runny for my liking and wonderfully flavored…

      I’ll try a marinara sauce for tomorrow. With the hot weather a light cool lunch is great! Thanks for the thoughts.


  2. I want one, will have to look it up. I stall can’t find anywhere that sells spaghetti squash over here or even a nursery that sells the seeds. Your sauce sounds nice Jim, kinda like an asian noodle dish. Its funny actually that you should mention good old spaghetti sauce as I just made some today. Ikg of tomatoes cut in half and put in a baking dish. A whole bulb of garlic unpeeled, just toss the cloves around the dish. Sprinkle over that a splash of olive oil, splash of balsamic vinegar, couple of teaspoons of brown sugar, a bit of sea salt and pepper. Then throw on top of that a bunch of fresh basil, a sprig of rosemary, couple of springs of thyme, couple of oregano (I have all this in my garden right now). Bake it in the oven on 180 c for an hour. Take out and peel off the tomato skins and discard, squeeze the garlic out of its skins and discard, then roughly chop it all up and you have the best spaghetti sauce on my planet if you ask me 🙂

  3. Sounds delish…I bought a couple of pints of tomatoes to make a marinara sauce from scratch instead of the sugary sauces in the store. I have enjoyed the zucchini noodles a lot. They go well with stir fry, tomato sauces, other veggies. It is strange, the veggies taste very different cooked up as noodles instead of cooked in slices.

    Here is a link to an Amazon sale. My guess is the shipping could be quite expensive.

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