Time for another reboot….

Just a short note…

Let’s see…I would guess there is two months between wrapping up my juice fast/reboot.  In those two months I have let 8 pounds develop from old eating habits that I either carried right along with me or new ones that I started.  I never did get to my 145 lbs. and stabilize for even a short time.  Still at 155.4 lbs, I am not in bad shape.  For some strange reason, I am still surprised at how I feel physically and emotionally when I really step into the old diet..(just attended my niece’s wedding.  What a wonderful party and the pulled pork was not even that good).  Sluggish, bloated, hung over are words that come to mind.  It is time…the juicer has sat idle for too long.

Time to pull out the pad and pencil, old recipes and plan out a weeks menu of “juice plus 1 meal”.  I am still super busy at work and will need the energy from slow burning carbs to  maintain my energy through the day.  I am easily active 5 hours of the day doing things; carrying boxes, tools, cranking wrenches, fixing machines and other such sundry activities.

Start date….Saturday, August 18th with a week of mainly fruits and veggies (no dairy or gluten products).  That means, no pop corn at night!

Off I go to work…Thanks for listening….



2 thoughts on “Time for another reboot….

  1. Its amazing how easy it is to slip into old habits again, and I too developed a new one or two between reboots. I really had planned to wait to recommended 3 months before starting another one, but as you know, couldn’t hold back. Glad you are doing a week prep, I have found this is a really good way to ease into it compared to going cold turkey last time. Mind you, I’m pretty sure detox is never the same as the first time around unless one went back to some seriously bad habits. I think half the trick it to keep juicing between reboots as that way your body doesn’t have to adjust so much to liquid again. 🙂

  2. Thanks Sarah, I ate very lightly on Sunday and Monday and settled back to 154.3 lbs. I guess is isn’t quite as bad….doesn’t change my desire to reboot. My thoughts are to really go with the total Juice +1 package this time instead of adding other foods as treats or snacks. Figured I would start this week to get in the swing of things during the buildup. I am 100% sure the additional weight is easily from the foods that, over a long period of time, are the causations of heart disease, diabetes, and low energy; That would be pop corn, high fat snacks, gluten and dairy.

    I know we all have some bad habits. Whether mine are not as bad as others is merely the whisperings of the “Saboteur” who wants to convince me it is alright to let somethings go. We feel so much better when meeting a goal and so disappointed when we do not. I prefer the “much better” personally.

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