Good Day All…

This is my 1st. blogging attempt with my own site!  A few people began to   follow    me and, I must admit, it is nice to be noticed…*S*.  Posts from others     carry so much energy and excitement.  I have connected to people from all over    the world in the Reboot Forum, feel like I have made a few friends and now…   others are connecting to this blog.  The world is getting smaller everyday!!!

Areas that describe me are:  Spiritual/Yoga/Mediation, Nature Based,     Motorcycling, Introverted, Exercising, Self-Employed and Hard Working, Horse Blankets, Vegan and juicing, Cluttered.

This spring is all about getting rid to last 14 pounds that have been glued to my waist (how is that for not accepting responsibility), de-cluttering (Garage, office, basement), taking my first vacation in 5 years, getting grounded spiritually, turning over more of my business to my employees…

Sounds pretty busy…yes it is.  But the time is now.


Other notes:

This is a page in development:

Key events in my life….

  • 1.  SUNY at Morrisville (1973)
  • 2.  Meeting Prem Rawat and receiving Knowledge
  • 3.  Years of focusing on mediation
  • 4. Getting Married, ending up in social work, the house that Jim built, getting divorced
  • 5.  Exploring earth based spirituality
  • 6.  Falling in love with a perfect match…..getting married
  • 7. Left social work, tried to teach again, choosing to work for myself
  • 8. Bought two laundromats and started a horse blanket laundry service
  • 9.  Starting to meditate again and developing my mediumship skills
  • 10.  Getting my deteriorating body in check with diet and juicing (2011)

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