It has been a while….

Hello all….

Just a quick update…gained a few pounds and up from 150 to 160.  Not bad considering where I started.  Still not back to yoga and exercising.  Working way too hard to get through a rough time with my business….through the worst of it and we will have a great year in 2013.

Looks like I will need to reboot after Thanksgiving….not so much because of weight gain….more of a detox and maintain some of the benefits I made.  I will be 60 years old coming up on 11/19/12…the calendar is turning one day at a time and life is happening!

Joy and I start school today at a week long session to jump start or training in spiritual healing and mediumship.  More next week.


Time for another reboot….

Just a short note…

Let’s see…I would guess there is two months between wrapping up my juice fast/reboot.  In those two months I have let 8 pounds develop from old eating habits that I either carried right along with me or new ones that I started.  I never did get to my 145 lbs. and stabilize for even a short time.  Still at 155.4 lbs, I am not in bad shape.  For some strange reason, I am still surprised at how I feel physically and emotionally when I really step into the old diet..(just attended my niece’s wedding.  What a wonderful party and the pulled pork was not even that good).  Sluggish, bloated, hung over are words that come to mind.  It is time…the juicer has sat idle for too long.

Time to pull out the pad and pencil, old recipes and plan out a weeks menu of “juice plus 1 meal”.  I am still super busy at work and will need the energy from slow burning carbs to  maintain my energy through the day.  I am easily active 5 hours of the day doing things; carrying boxes, tools, cranking wrenches, fixing machines and other such sundry activities.

Start date….Saturday, August 18th with a week of mainly fruits and veggies (no dairy or gluten products).  That means, no pop corn at night!

Off I go to work…Thanks for listening….


My Spiroolie came yesterday!!!

I was out of town whe Joy called to tell me my latest toy arrived!  My Spiroolie…now made by a different company and called a Turning slicer.  Can’t wait to try it tonight for dinner.  Keeping it simple, me thinks it will be zucchini noodles with a grain of some type.  I tried a web search to find a few recipes.  Surprise…none came up but a shrimp recipe? Sadly, the last food I will eat is shrimp after the BP oil spill in our Gulf of Mexico.

Sooo…I am looking for any suggestions on how to spice up the veggies.  Do I steam them or fry them up in coconut oil?  A bit of help would be great. I would like to do something different than put spaghetti sauce on them….

Thanks in advance…

Life is incredibly busy and complicated right now.  Not in a bad way.  So many open doors to look in and work with;  Plans to be made, decisions to be made, staying grounded through meditation and prayer, appreciating the wonders and gifts that being alive has to offer (at least being able to appreciate what I have and not focus on what I do not have….geez…who’d a thought that could bring so much contentment…).

Best to you all today…

Mango Cilantro Smoothie….yum!

Good Morning…Life has been challenging me to focus on other things of late.  I barely have time to read all your blog entries….I am and continue to enjoy them.  Here is a recipe I came across.  I was wondering what to do with that coconut water in the freeze…now I now.

Be well everyone…..Jim


Mango Cilantro Smoothie (Vegan, Gluten-free, Refined Sugar-free, Raw)

This smoothie is a little sweet, a little savoury with a definite kick. Perfect for hot summer days, or even cool summer nights.

  • 1 cup frozen mango chunks
  • 1 cup cucumber (quartered and sliced)
  • 1/2 cup + 2 tbsp coconut water (or more to desired consistency, could also use plain water)
  • 2 tbsp chopped coriander
  • 1 tsp fresh chopped ginger
  • 1 tsp agave (might need a little more if you are using water)
  • juice of 1/2 a lime
  • pinch sea salt

Throw it all into a smoothie and blend. Serve with a cucumber slice for a cocktail feel!

Never to Old to Start Juicing

The verdict is in….Mom smiled from ear to ear with her first taste of her juice….apple, kiwi, celery, green pepper, cucumber.  She wanted to drink the whole pint right away.  I cautioned her with my own smile.  One would think at 60 years old (coming up), I wouldn’t feel so much of that little boy glee when I make my Mom happy….but I do.  Somethings just don’t change.  Unfortunately, the idea of a 20 juice supply went to the wayside with her drinking a pint a day.  I guess I will just have to get my juicer over there for her sooner than I thought.

Lots of exciting things going on for me to be grateful for.  The purchase agreement is signed to buy to building housing one of my laundromats….can’t wait to put in a long needed new floor, entrance way and start on the improvements with the machines….and save money.  Property payments are always lower than the rent…yeah!!!!

I have two wonderful staff that are managing many of the nuts and bolts kind of stuff….Thank your, Thank you and Thank you…

AND….the weather is gorgeous….sunny and cool..

Best wishes to everyone today.