Day 11-Juice + 1 Meal…Up 1.7 pounds…rats!

How interesting.  Is it time to look at the addiction side of food.  The way my evenings go, is it possible that my focus on various diets, eating right and working to loose weight is really a lot of activity around the real issue of addiction?  This is a totally separate issue from the wonderful healthy aspects of juicing and eating healthy.  I will be juicing even after I finish this 18 day cycle.  Could that be why I took 31 years to get here?  Unless I take care of my tendency to binge the weight easy slides back on….set point of 165 pounds… Here I come…!

I have been a member of a Men’s Circle for 16 years.  We meet every week.  We are a very close group.  Last night I raised this question.  It felt great share the accomplishment of reaching the 145 pound goal and later shared the observation of how I handle my evenings.  We didn’t have time to look at my “addiction” but will in the near future.

Understanding the addiction is one thing, changing patterns is another….as a once upon a time social worker I saw many people who wanted to understand.  They were also unwilling to do the work to make the changes in their life such as how to approach problems, how to respond to their feelings, practice new behaviors.  It is easy to see in other people and not so easy to see within myself.  I know the best thing for me to do is:

  • get off the couch at night
  • read
  • take a bike ride
  • meditate
  • de-clutter my rooms
  • prepare for tomorrow
  • limit my TV

Here is my commitment for tonight:

  1.  Watch the 1 TV show my wife and I always watch together (Big Bang Theory).
  2. Spend 15-30 minutes putting away a project that I am not working on but plan to do it the future.
  3. Walk 1 mile or bike for 30 minutes (or more)

We shall see how that goes.


Quality of Life

I had lunch (juice for me) with a friend yesterday.  He turned 60 this year.  He is an active man who takes good care of himself.  Very spiritual and giving to others.  We have lunch to catch up every few months.  Steve put into words why I am putting so much effort into all this “health stuff”.  “I do not want to die of a 1000 needle pricks.”  Health problems are springing up as we get older.  Like that gopher game, you hit one to knock out and another pops up….then another and you spend all your time jumping from one problem to another.

My wish is to reboot my whole body, bring myself physically to a place of healing physically,mentally and spiritually.  I see myself living out my life grounded, focused, and balanced.  It is hard to say I will be living simply with my juice, distiller, vita-mix and nu-wave induction stove top, but living closer to the earth is the goal.  The Earth Mother gives so much and her constant rejuvenating cycles are wonderful models to live by.  I think of harmony when I think of living and honoring the cycles of the year.


And again, this reboot amazes me with how it works.  I would have been happy with 2 or 1 pound for the day, but another 4 pounds (7.6# total in 3 days) is great.  It has to be water weight.  This rapid loss leaves me wondering how much unnecessary water is in all my cells and organs, held there by an imbalance of nutrients.

Last night was a real struggle.  I hid my wife’s chips, sat in a different place than I usually do and almost went to bed early.  Then I remembered I had to make my juice the evening so I could get out of the house earlier for work and ended up juicing well after my bedtime.

Each day of success is one more day toward changing “old” and “long standing” habits.  I am not even hungry at night, yet the comfort foods whisper my name all night all…*S*.  A little bit of stress and my right arm starts to flinch!

What would I be doing if my days were what I want them to be……?

Good Morning All….I played this game with myself yesterday….If I were living my life the way I want to……I would….

1.  Get up and start my day with yoga and mediation.

2.  Eat healthy and exercise

3.  Focus at work and stay on task

4.  Pick up after myself every day.

5.   Show how much I appreciate my wife and friends on a daily basis

6.  Practice enjoyable activities in the evenings instead of watching TV (TV really does put mind and body to sleep!!!)

It was easily to paint the picture of what my schedule and routine would look like.  So why is it so hard to do?  So why is that so hard.  Why do I ignore some of the good habits that leave me feeling better or even great physically and emotionally..not to mention spiritually.  Wayne Dyer presented the idea that we are all “Spiritual Beings living in a material world temporarily.”  I know how to connect spiritually to my inner being and doing so is peaceful, quieting, empowering, and fulfilling.  So why not “Just do it!”  I know this is easier said than done….and once the decision is made, going forward is simpler…and I mean really make the decision.  Not one that is made from a “should” position, but one that is made from the heart with commitment.

Not sure if this one is truly from the heart…..and here it is…

1.  Monday (June 4th) will be my next reboot cycle.  It is time to move forward and get another cycle of weight off. It feels exciting to make a renewed commitment.  If few of you have also spoken of this type of push forward.  Interesting how this goes in cycles for us regular folks.

2.  Spend minimum of 1/2 hour per day organizing and de-cluttering storage and work spaces (pleanty of time to do this if I stay away from the TV)

3.  Practice 30 minutes of yoga and 30 minutes of meditation per day (minimum)

4.  Leave of work at a scheduled time or maintain set work hours at the home office or at work

Some of this I am starting today and commit to being in full swing on Monday…..I will update as I go….

Best to you all,