Time for another reboot….

Just a short note…

Let’s see…I would guess there is two months between wrapping up my juice fast/reboot.  In those two months I have let 8 pounds develop from old eating habits that I either carried right along with me or new ones that I started.  I never did get to my 145 lbs. and stabilize for even a short time.  Still at 155.4 lbs, I am not in bad shape.  For some strange reason, I am still surprised at how I feel physically and emotionally when I really step into the old diet..(just attended my niece’s wedding.  What a wonderful party and the pulled pork was not even that good).  Sluggish, bloated, hung over are words that come to mind.  It is time…the juicer has sat idle for too long.

Time to pull out the pad and pencil, old recipes and plan out a weeks menu of “juice plus 1 meal”.  I am still super busy at work and will need the energy from slow burning carbs to  maintain my energy through the day.  I am easily active 5 hours of the day doing things; carrying boxes, tools, cranking wrenches, fixing machines and other such sundry activities.

Start date….Saturday, August 18th with a week of mainly fruits and veggies (no dairy or gluten products).  That means, no pop corn at night!

Off I go to work…Thanks for listening….



Day 11-Juice + 1 Meal…Up 1.7 pounds…rats!

How interesting.  Is it time to look at the addiction side of food.  The way my evenings go, is it possible that my focus on various diets, eating right and working to loose weight is really a lot of activity around the real issue of addiction?  This is a totally separate issue from the wonderful healthy aspects of juicing and eating healthy.  I will be juicing even after I finish this 18 day cycle.  Could that be why I took 31 years to get here?  Unless I take care of my tendency to binge the weight easy slides back on….set point of 165 pounds… Here I come…!

I have been a member of a Men’s Circle for 16 years.  We meet every week.  We are a very close group.  Last night I raised this question.  It felt great share the accomplishment of reaching the 145 pound goal and later shared the observation of how I handle my evenings.  We didn’t have time to look at my “addiction” but will in the near future.

Understanding the addiction is one thing, changing patterns is another….as a once upon a time social worker I saw many people who wanted to understand.  They were also unwilling to do the work to make the changes in their life such as how to approach problems, how to respond to their feelings, practice new behaviors.  It is easy to see in other people and not so easy to see within myself.  I know the best thing for me to do is:

  • get off the couch at night
  • read
  • take a bike ride
  • meditate
  • de-clutter my rooms
  • prepare for tomorrow
  • limit my TV

Here is my commitment for tonight:

  1.  Watch the 1 TV show my wife and I always watch together (Big Bang Theory).
  2. Spend 15-30 minutes putting away a project that I am not working on but plan to do it the future.
  3. Walk 1 mile or bike for 30 minutes (or more)

We shall see how that goes.