Dancing in the Divine

The title describes the contentment, the happiness I felt over the weekend attending a Spiritual Insight II workshop.  The weekend was filled with meditation, community, and connections with the grandfathers, grandmothers and, one very large German Shepard who settled in as a guardian at the feet of one of my workshop mates.  Coming home is an interesting “reentry” into the mundane.  Attending an inspiring workshop can leave us with a strong desire to stay in that experience……work hard to hold on to the feeling and bring it forward into our lives.

The class presented additional skills in mediumship and healing, something we started to practice 6 or more months ago.  It went beyond the “being able to” or “I got much better at it “.  The experience for me was one of being at home within myself, connected to the divine power within all of us.

I have not yet landed….that’s OK…I’ll stay up there for a while.

Best to you all….


2012-05-28….Funny, what I wrote for someone else was really for me…..

Good Morning…no need to settle for half the weight..there are people in here who managed to go a full 60 days and lost close to that amount if not that amount.  You will learn how your body responses to the reboot, what works for you and what does not.

Hearing your response reminds me that I often settle for less and may have communicated that.  Thank you for being my mirror.  I just wrote in my blog that I have carried around these last 15 pounds since I quit smoking in 1973.  I started my journey at 185# and am going down to 140#.  Yesterday I was at 151#.  I hope to be there in another month or less.

Go for it NOW.  I am 59 and struggled with my weight since I hit 195# in 1978.  What a huge waste of time and life energy…..34 years of not getting it right.  I know there will always be work to do, goals to strive for and many excuses to get in the my way.

Bod Dylan wrote in one of his songs:  “There’s a wall between you and what you want and you got to leap it.”

Go ahead and LEAP…Juice on..Jim