Day 18 Last Day for this Reboot and out of the RED ZONE!

One more day of juicing before back to eating completely.  Joy and I are heading off to a workshop.  I hope there is plenty of veggies.  I did put in for vegetarian menu which will allow for the most opportunity to minimize the dairy and fats.

I am disappointed to have hit the 146 mark and then break the fast with the Father’s Day Feast.  It doesn’t take much “out of bounds” foods to bring the weight back on.  It looks like I will be settling in at 149 or thereabouts. 4 pounds shy of my goal.  4 months ago, 165 appeared impossible to break through.  Now, 150 pounds seems to be that point.  Someone shared on the reboot site their pattern of 10 pound losses with plateaus in between.

Many people would kill to have achieved this weight loss.  Setting goals is an art.  It can be both an empowering practice and a frustrating loss of achievement.  The idea that the goals must be attainable, time oriented and measurable is a useful guideline.  In this case, I set the bar too high and did not achieve it.  Do I focus on the success or on the failure…..mixed bag….

I choose success….


Day 5 out of 18 -Down a total of 10 pounds!

Just a short note….guess I am not quite at the .5 pounds per day routine…a pound a day would be great!

Juice On my friends and best to you all….

PS….Yesterday I read that Coconut Oil is great for the skin.  One of the issues of those of us in our elder years is “thin skin”.  I would like to thicken it up a bit and moisten a few areas that appear to be constantly wrinkled.  Not the big wrinkles, but the little ones that make the skin look “OH SO THIN”.  I call it “old skin”.  I use a Vitamin lotion but have become distrustful of additives and prefer to avoid them.  Think I will pick up a jar today.

Day Two….4 lbs down….Geeze

Good Morning World….So begins Day 2….juice is made as of last night:

  • 4-16 ounce jars of Reboots “Mean Green” (modified with a couple tomatoes to adjust the flavor just a bit)
  • 1-16 ounce jar of Sarah’s Tex Mex Drink
  • 1-16 ounce jar of fruit juice loaded with kiwi, apples, oranges, and a few strawberries

I am working to hold my veggie to fruit ratio to the recommended 82-20 ratio.  The fruit is “Oh, So Good”  it changes how I look forward to “Lunch”.  Alas…so be it.

I know most of this weight to water loss as my cell structure balances out the fluids.  It would be nice if it continued longer.  My overall goal is 145 lbs. and then exercise to build a bit more muscle.  I always was a scrawny kid in high school; small bone structure and all.  I remember the month I went from 145 to 155.  I smoked for 3 maybe 4 years, spent 2 of those years trying to quit and finally did.  I ate some much that month, I gained 10 pounds never to lose then again except for very short periods.  I wouldn’t mind adding another 5 pounds of muscle to my 145, but muscle it must be!

Set Point

After the last reboot I was down to 144#.  That only lasted for 2 days and I was on the way up.  Within a week I had gain 9 pounds of the 21 I had lost.  Our bodies are constantly striving for “homeostasis”.  When it comes to processes within our bodies that can relate to water, chemicals, minerals, alkalinity, and even cholesterol levels.  We have a certain balance that has been in effect for a long time (some longer than others) and the body works to maintain the levels it is used to.

So what does this have to do with weight?  Those pounds come off sooooo slowly, only to come back so quickly.  When we fall below the “Set Point” my body is in a waiting mode for extra calories.  As soon as I add them, it jumps on them and turns them into fat as quickly as it can to work it’s way back up to the set point.  I understand that at my age and holding a weight at 165 for so long, it may take 6 months to a year for me to establish a new set point.  Given that to be true, the actual life style change doesn’t come of the vigilant watch-list for that six month period.  I suppose this sounds a bit extreme but so are the years I spent trying to get rid of those 30 pounds, the up and down roller coaster.  I count myself lucky to get her without developing diabetes or other diet related conditions other than high cholesterol.

Monday, June 4th…Day 1 of an 18 Day Juice Only Reboot….

It could be I am just plain addicted to this juicing business and/or the fantasy that it is going to turn my white hair brown again…wouldn’t that be fun.  I juiced with a meal and snack before and had great results.  I am going to run a full juice without any evening snacks starting Monday.  I gathered recipes from juicing friends and have put together a menu ant will be off and running again…

I almost can’t wait!!!