Time for another reboot….

Just a short note…

Let’s see…I would guess there is two months between wrapping up my juice fast/reboot.  In those two months I have let 8 pounds develop from old eating habits that I either carried right along with me or new ones that I started.  I never did get to my 145 lbs. and stabilize for even a short time.  Still at 155.4 lbs, I am not in bad shape.  For some strange reason, I am still surprised at how I feel physically and emotionally when I really step into the old diet..(just attended my niece’s wedding.  What a wonderful party and the pulled pork was not even that good).  Sluggish, bloated, hung over are words that come to mind.  It is time…the juicer has sat idle for too long.

Time to pull out the pad and pencil, old recipes and plan out a weeks menu of “juice plus 1 meal”.  I am still super busy at work and will need the energy from slow burning carbs to  maintain my energy through the day.  I am easily active 5 hours of the day doing things; carrying boxes, tools, cranking wrenches, fixing machines and other such sundry activities.

Start date….Saturday, August 18th with a week of mainly fruits and veggies (no dairy or gluten products).  That means, no pop corn at night!

Off I go to work…Thanks for listening….



Day 18 Last Day for this Reboot and out of the RED ZONE!

One more day of juicing before back to eating completely.  Joy and I are heading off to a workshop.  I hope there is plenty of veggies.  I did put in for vegetarian menu which will allow for the most opportunity to minimize the dairy and fats.

I am disappointed to have hit the 146 mark and then break the fast with the Father’s Day Feast.  It doesn’t take much “out of bounds” foods to bring the weight back on.  It looks like I will be settling in at 149 or thereabouts. 4 pounds shy of my goal.  4 months ago, 165 appeared impossible to break through.  Now, 150 pounds seems to be that point.  Someone shared on the reboot site their pattern of 10 pound losses with plateaus in between.

Many people would kill to have achieved this weight loss.  Setting goals is an art.  It can be both an empowering practice and a frustrating loss of achievement.  The idea that the goals must be attainable, time oriented and measurable is a useful guideline.  In this case, I set the bar too high and did not achieve it.  Do I focus on the success or on the failure…..mixed bag….

I choose success….

Day 15- Still in the RED ZONE…RED ZONE

Same juices as yesterday with a total of 90 ounces.  I ate two salads yesterday, one with homemade chili and tangy mex dressing.  Delish!!  Weighed in ay 150…almost out….

Tuesday is my third horse blanket trip.  It is such a long day but fun.  I will be traveling from Rochester to Ithaca.  The countryside is decorated with rolling hills of bright green.  I love the drive.  I delivered two horse blankets to a customer last summer by motorcycle just for the “ride of it”.  Great day but went out and bought a new seat real quick…..not enough padding for a long ride of 350 miles.

I know I will get out of the RED ZONE after today.  It is so easy when eating right…who would have thought!

Off to meditate and then to work.

Best to you all…and for the juicers out there….Juice on Dude….

Day 14- Day After Father’s Day Celebration

Father’s Day….what a feast and now…I have passed into the RED ZONE;  the place I must get out of.  Today is juice and salad only.  I made up a nice homemade dressing with orange juice, sesame oil, ginger, and tamari so I can avoid any preservatives.  (I have had a noticeable histamine reaction to several foods since I began eating again.  I has been primarily “healthy” snacks with “natural ingredients”.  Now that most of the chemicals were flushed out of my system, I notice what was unnoticeable before because the reaction was happening constantly..hence felt normal.)

  • Red Zone:  Anything Above 150 (Juice and Salad Only)
  • Yellow Zone:  146-149 (Juice and 1 meal)
  • Green Zone:  145 or below (to juice or not….plus regular meals)

Unfortunately I have to work today.  Too much to do before another horse blanket trip on Tuesday.  Calls to make, invoices to print to so forth.

Today’s Menu:

3 pints of green juice

1 pint of “Bloody Cucumber”  a mix I saw that has cucmbers, apple, and a beet

1 pint of mango-orange-apple-and ginger

Total:  80 ounces of juice.

A salad for lunch will help with the energy drain I have been struggling with.

Day 11-Juice + 1 Meal…Up 1.7 pounds…rats!

How interesting.  Is it time to look at the addiction side of food.  The way my evenings go, is it possible that my focus on various diets, eating right and working to loose weight is really a lot of activity around the real issue of addiction?  This is a totally separate issue from the wonderful healthy aspects of juicing and eating healthy.  I will be juicing even after I finish this 18 day cycle.  Could that be why I took 31 years to get here?  Unless I take care of my tendency to binge the weight easy slides back on….set point of 165 pounds… Here I come…!

I have been a member of a Men’s Circle for 16 years.  We meet every week.  We are a very close group.  Last night I raised this question.  It felt great share the accomplishment of reaching the 145 pound goal and later shared the observation of how I handle my evenings.  We didn’t have time to look at my “addiction” but will in the near future.

Understanding the addiction is one thing, changing patterns is another….as a once upon a time social worker I saw many people who wanted to understand.  They were also unwilling to do the work to make the changes in their life such as how to approach problems, how to respond to their feelings, practice new behaviors.  It is easy to see in other people and not so easy to see within myself.  I know the best thing for me to do is:

  • get off the couch at night
  • read
  • take a bike ride
  • meditate
  • de-clutter my rooms
  • prepare for tomorrow
  • limit my TV

Here is my commitment for tonight:

  1.  Watch the 1 TV show my wife and I always watch together (Big Bang Theory).
  2. Spend 15-30 minutes putting away a project that I am not working on but plan to do it the future.
  3. Walk 1 mile or bike for 30 minutes (or more)

We shall see how that goes.

Day 10-Switching to Juice plus 1 meal Mode

With relief and a some guilt…geez…maybe even some shame I decided to switch from all juice to juice plus 1 meal.  For the last couple of days I have been without energy during the day.  It may be the heat but I think not.  This happened before when I rebooted.  I kept going for a full 21 days before and let it pass.

So….what is different this time?  My business is in it’s busiest two months. I am having trouble staying on top of everything that needs to be finished on a timeline.  May and June are critical to sales and processing for the horse blankets for customers and it must all get finished.  I need to keep my energy and stamina up.  Instead of invigorating me, those two bike rides two days in a row drained me terribly for a day.

Last night I had a wonderful salad with oil free dressing.

  • 2 tbsp. Cider Vinegar
  • 1 tbsp. Balsamic Vinegar
  •  1 tbsp. Red Wine Vinegar
  • 1 tsp. Oregano
  • 1/8 tsp of Mustard
  • 1/4 tsp. of Celery Salt
  • Black Pepper to taste

The flavor was a bit too strong so I added 1 tbsp. of olive oil.  I may add lemon juice instead of oil tonight.  I left out the sugar called for by the recipe; the Red Wine Vinegar was plenty sweet.

I added 4 rye crisp crackers with tomatoes, lettuce, sprouts, and topped it with salsa.

I juiced a hour later.  Salads are not as filling as juice…interesting.  I am committed to zero eating after dinner except juice.

I hope I do not disappoint anyone who has been following my blog.  I was able to maintain my weight from yesterday 146 also……a full 21 pounds so far.  My overall goal is to maintain 145 pounds and this leaves 1 more pound to go.  The Juice plus 1 meat shed a pound every 3 days last time so I will get to my target weight as long as I leave the tostitos in the bag!!!!