Over the Edge-Core Beliefs in Health and Nutrition

Today’s fad diests are so commercialized that it is close to impossible to tell what foods are “pure” or “all natural”.  The FDA is allowing ingredients to be listed as “all natural” as long as at some point in it’s production, it was in a natural state.  Even worse, the FDA has approved over 200 chemicals (including pesticides and chemical fertilizers as “organic” when they are synthesized) and we can no longer even trust the “organic” label on our foods. That allows process sugar to be considered natural?

My health and nutrition program are based the following assumptions and beliefs:

  1. My body knows what to do to maintain health.  It is a complicated machine with fuel intake, processing organs, tiny organelles that work endlessly to keep things running smooth.  There are billions of chemical and biological processes going on at any one time.  It even rebuilds itself totally every 7 years.
  2. It is my job to give my body the building blocks and substances so it can do its job.  If I do not give my employees the tools they need to do their job, how can I expect them to do it right?
  3. It is my job to exercise.  If I don’t drive my car for months at a time, then it begins to rust and deteriorate.
  4. Processed foods are loaded with nasty, toxic chemicals that have a serious negative impact on my body’s efficiency.  Instead of healing and growing, my body spends lots of energy trying to clean them all out (inflammation).
  5. I can not avoid all toxins but I can minimize them while maximizing my body’s ability to deal with them.
  6. Over the counter medications, traditional medical treatments only address the symptomology and not the underlying causes.  There are times when managing the symptom is critical, or modern treatments must be done.  However, giving my body the tools to do the job is the absolute best long term treatment.
  7. The building blocks are a combination of supplements and quality foods.  I either pay now for the extra or pay later in physical pain and/or loss of my Quality of Life.
  8. My doctor is a wonderful man.  His training is in monitoring and symptom management.  I rely on him for a general annual assessment of how my body is managing my health.  I do not rely on him alone when it comes to tuning and treatment.  I would recommend him to anyone.  We work together on solutions that take longer to reach the results than the chemicals but are clearly overall better for me.
  9. I am a spiritual being temporarily visiting this body and this mind.  At some point, my essence will leave and this body will stop working.  Meditation and spiritually connects me with the energy of life within me.  These two focuses strengthen my body’s ability to deal with the challenges of keeping my body fine tuned and capable.

So how does this translate into my daily practice?  I would like to think it is simple, but quite honestly it has taken time to maneuver thru all the different alternatives, diets and promises that are not promises (alternative practitioners and sellers cannot not make any statements indicating their recommendations will have a direct health benefit.  There are legal restrictions that even apply to physicians and nutritionists. Penalties include loss of license, fines and even jail time.

Quick outline for now:

  • Following a general vegetarian diet 90% of the time (I have eliminated as much wheat and dairy as possible).
  • Using foods as close to the fresh and unprocessed as possible.
  • Adding vitamin supplements to by daily diet.  I haven’t figured how to post a reference document in here yet but will get it up soon.
  • Treating the overall inflammation aggressively with Curcumin, Vitamin C, other natural anti-inflammatory supplements and food.
  • Exercising for 1 hour at least 3 times a week.  It am working toward increasing that to 5 or 7 times a week. (Walking, Yoga, Rowing).  I do subscribe to the belief that the 1 hour does not have to be all at once.  Metabolism and heart rate increase if the exercise is done in any increments throughout the day (does not apply to aerobic workouts-just to general movement)
  • Daily practice of mediation.
  • Weight management:  my ideal body weight is 140 lbs.  Much lower than all my friends think it should be.
  • Juicing as a means to pile nutrients into my body for healing and weight management.
  • I make my own rice, oak, almond milks.
  • I purchased a Waterwise Distiller and drink only distilled water.  Friends have notice a huge difference in flavor for the better.
  • I carry a lunch cooler for work.  I cool my food with water bottles containing 2 liters of water or a quart of ice-tea.  I use a steamer to heat any soups that I make.  Microwaves are out!

That’s it in a lot more than a nutshell.  There is so much information I have gleaned over the past 2 years and each category could easily fill a page.  After looking this over, I have to smile and think about how ironic it would be if I left this earth tomorrow after doing all of this to get healthy while many of my friends are on medications for various aliments and over weight!  It would be so Shakespearian…*S*


One thought on “Over the Edge-Core Beliefs in Health and Nutrition

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