18 Day Reboot Starting June 4th (2nd Reboot Cycle in 4 months!!!)

What Happens When You Juice!

I decided to start a second reboot.  After the first series:

  • 28 Days with Juice +1 Meal
  • 21 Days Juice only
  • Totally pigging out on food
  • Weight at Start: 167
  • Weight at Finish: 144
  • Weight after 6 days: 154

All that work and gained 10 pounds back.  What a waste!

Time to get this finished.  Joy and I are going to a workshop the weekend of June 22nd so that give me 18 days to loose what I can….so here goes.

Goal: 145 after starting to eat (gaining 5 pounds back so I should hit 140 to make it)

Events so far:

  • Day 1: Starting Weight at 156.8
  • Day 2: Down 4 pounds to 152.8
  • Day 3: Down 3.7 pounds to 149.1 (Total Lost-7.7 pounds)
  • Day 4: Down 0.7 pounds to 148.4 (Total Lost- 8.4)
  • Day 5: Down 1.6 to 146.8 (Had dinner out with Joy and ate several bowls of chips (Total Lost-10 pounds)
  • Day 6: Up 4.6 pounds…wow 151.4 (Total Lost-5.4 pounds)
  • Day 7: Down 1.8 to 149.6 (Total Lost-7.2 pounds).  It is good to be back under 150…how embarrassing. How quickly I forgot what happens. This reboot is very different than the last. My guess it is the total juice with only one binge night two nights ago. I feel better, have more energy (even rode my bike on the Erie Canal 12 miles last evening). Not much to say except time to get back on the horse
  • Day 8- Down 2.8 Pounds to 146.8 (Total Loss back 10 pounds)….Took two days to dump the water that was absorbed amazingly fast thanks to those wonderful Tostitos on Friday night.
  • Day 9; Down .5 pounds to 146. (Total Loss-10.5 pounds)
  • Day 10: Maintained at 146 (Total Loss this time: 10.5 pounds…Total Reboot loss since May 10th: 21 pounds)  Switched to Juice +1 meal mode yesterday.
  • Day 11:  Gained 1.7 pounds up to 147.7 (Total Loss 8.8/19.3)  Eating the one meal has creative a bit of a shift.
  • Day 14 Gained back 4.3 pounds to 151.4(Total Loss now at 4.5/15) Father Day was too much fun  RED ZONE….RED ZONE
  • Day 15: Down 1.4 pounds to 150.0 (Total Loss now at 5.9/16.4) Still in the RED ZONE…..RED ZONE
  • Day 17: Down .4 pounds to 149.6 (Total Loss now at 6.3/16 pounds….in the Yellow Zone
  • Day 18: Down 0…Last Day to go.  Still at 149.6….
  • 5 Days after Reboot….at 150.0 pounds (it appears I have established a weight that works for now.  I seem to be settled in at 149-151.  Sooooo, next reboot cycle in a few weeks will get me down the next 5 pounds or more!  It could well be that my increments at this level are 5 pounds at a time.  There is more going on here than just my wishes…my body does appear to have a balance of it’s own to pay attention to.

I set a goal and had success and yet the goal was not obtained.  So now the trick will be to get back to the Green Zone..which technically I never made….145 or below.

…Juice On my friends.

Follow up notes:

8/14/12:   Just Weighted in at 153.5 (Started weight at second reboot: 156.8

11/12/12:  Up to 160.2…slow gain over time.  It would be nice if that is where I settled.  After Thanksgiving I will do another reboot for a few weeks!  ….we shall see…


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