Update:  July 9, 2012 (I just returned from Toronto, Canada to see Prem Rawat.  It was a wonderful trip.  So….what is this about?)

Prem Rawat: 

Back in 1973 I read Herman Hesse’s book Sidhartha when in college.  It was one of those “pivotal moments” in ones life when everything shifts around one event.  It left me with a sense of yearning to know more, experience more of that which lies behind, beneath, within our selves.  Within a month I saw a poster of a child Guru, recently arrived in the US to teach “Knowledge”.  Another month later, I received Knowledge and began to practice.  It was wonderful and provided a deep inner knowing of this inner experience portrayed in Sidhartha.  I have practiced on and off over the years and have arrived back.  It is in integral part of my inner experience and practice in quieting my mind and allowing Peace into my life. Funny how we travel full circle or spiral and arrive back at the same place with a deeper understanding.

One of the significant experiences people have with meditation is the ability to bring the meditative experience into their daily actions; bring the transcendence outward is everyday actions whether it be a busy day a work or a walk in the woods.  The experience of true inner peace can be one of living centered.  Of the many different practices I have learned of over the year, knowledge is by far the most easiest to bring into my daily practice.

It was wonderful see Prem Rawat.  His message has not changed in all of thees 41 years.  It has always remained centered on the inner experience of Knowledge.

Words of Peace


More to come.


3 thoughts on “Spirituality-Meditation

  1. Habits….

    Habit has its beginnings in thought. Whatever becomes second nature to us has first caught on in our thinking – only to operate, in time, without thinking at all. Breaking with deeply ingrained addictions is something else again. Since we were old enough to understand we have been bent to a certain thought, molded to act and react until we follow through habitually. If what we did gave us comfort or made us feel good, we did it again. We have to fight habit with habit, deliberately changing one thought, one action, for another. If we simply try to remove a habit without filling the vacuum, we are opening the door for more and worse to come in. It is harder when we let thought drift back to remember how we were comforted. There is more than one comfort, more than one joy in forming a new habit.

    ~ We bury them from sight forever and plant again the Tree. ~


  2. Jim I would love to see your blog evolve into a spiritual one, you have so much to offer. Thank you for this post 🙂 xx

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